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Bulletin! Bulletin! How to Avoid a Clutter Crime

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Bulletin! Bulletin! How to Avoid a Clutter Crime25, Aug 2004

Stacking and piling so much on them that you canít see whatís there wonít work. Try having bulletin boards with a purpose, such as a bulletin board that contains upcoming event info, like party invitations, notices for school events or sports schedules. Another bulletin board could be for things like pizza coupons, special store offers or that precious little ticket your five-year-old proudly won at the miniature golf course promising a free gameÖ. someday. Upcoming play tickets or airline tickets could also go here.

Bulletin boards donít have to be big or ugly. In fact, they can be a warm decorating tool. Buy a simple cork bulletin board that has a wooden frame. They are inexpensive and come in all sizes. Pick out any fabric you like, or even a cute dish towel. Then wrap the board like itís a present, stretching the fabric taught. Use a staple gun on the back of the frame to hold the fabric in place. You can run a coordinating ribbon around the inside front of the frame to add a nice detail. Every few inches tack the ribbon down with cute tacks or push-pins. You could also angle ribbons in a diamond pattern on the board, tacking them on the back with a staple gun. Then you could slide items under the ribbons rather than using push pins.

Small bulletin boards can be placed inside cabinet doors in your kitchen for a quick, out-of-the-way reference, or inside pantry or basement doors. Really large bulletin boards look darling in a childís room or kitchen and make a perfect display for their artwork du jour. You can even hang them on doors, warming up a corner or hallway. Itís easy to create your own personal bulletin board. They add a splash of color here and there, can be coordinated with a room, and they look cute with or without papers pinned to them. Most importantly, they are a great tool in keeping the clutter at bay.

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