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The Nut Job

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The Nut Job16, Jan 2014

tís called The Nut Job.

Iíll get it out of the way for you dirty minded people. There isnít even one reference to anatomy through this entire movie. Yee-Haw! The most off-colored event that happens is a series of flatulance which isnít surprising for a film that wants children to laugh. It worked.

All that aside, The Nut Job is great little story. Surly, a curmudgeon squirrel if you couldnít guess by his name, is banished from his park because he doesnít know how to share or seemingly care about his fellow animals. Surly is all about Surly. The park animals, especially Raccoon, the leader of the park pack, kick him out when heís caught hoarding nuts for the winter which could potentially kill the others.

At first his trek outside the park is quite frightening with people walking everywhere, cars buzzing around and giant rats in the alley. Then he discovers a gold mine - Mauryís Nut Shop. Problem solved - or so he thinks. His best friend shows up to help him out but Surly still has yet to learn his lesson. When the other park animals get wind of the treasure Surly found, the difficulties begin.

What plays out on screen is an almost parrellel story of gangsters who own Mauryís Nut Shop, only to use it as a front for robbing banks. There are a lot of thieves in this story.

The lessons of truth, trust, compassion and friendship make for a story worth watching with many laughs around the various lessons. The interesting dynamics of the characters make for an interesting story. Characters like Precious the Pug (Maya Rudolph,) the angry Girl Scout (Julie Lemieux,) and Buddy the mute Rat provide so much more than a family squirrels and every nut joke on the books.

As the park animals attempt to make a deal with Surly to share half the profits from Mauryís Nut Shop, Surly sees his clever plans and hard work being undermined. Who is the real nut case in this story? Youíll have to head to theatres this weekend to find out.

Arruga! = 0
Fidget Factor = 0
Age Range = 5 and up
Overall Grade = B

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