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Monster's University

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Monster's University 20, Jun 2013

Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) werenít always the best of Buds. They met in college - Monsterís University. Both enrolled in Scare School hoping to make it their lifetime profession.

Sullivan, or Sulley as heís called, an overly confident, very loud, very large, blue furry teenage scarer thinks his roar is so big he doesnít need to study much to succeed in the Scare program. While Mike Wazowski, the small green cyclops with a frankly squeaky, roar is like a dog on a pork chop, studying every nuance to a potential profession of frightening little children so well that their screams would fly off the charts!

The trouble sets in when the two classmates try to out-do one another. They both end up facing the fear of failure by the schoolís Dean Hardscrabble (Helen MIrren.) Now what will they do if they canít go through scare school?

Watching the Monsterís experience college was a hoot! Everything from the strange clubs on campus to the fraternities and sporting events. What a great way to get the kids who saw and fell in love with Monsterís Inc. 12 years ago to return to the theaters to watch their favorite G-rated creatures who make them laugh hysterically. Pixar is one smart studio to come up with a prequel. And they delivered ANOTHER terrifically funny film!

I got a kick out of so many elements: the fact that the school was often referred as M.U., that Billy Crystal and John Goodman still crack me up, and how a G rated kids film could make so many people of all ages genuinely laugh without farts, or burps or any other bodily function!

Arruga! - 0
Fidget Factor - 1
Age Range - 5 and up
Overall Grade - B+

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